Today in Baseball History: A new car and a batting title scandal

On March 25, 1910, the Chalmers Auto Company of Detroit came up with a cool idea: it offered to award a new car to the batting champion of each league.

In 1908 Thomas hired a bright young cash register salesman from Dayton named Hugh Chalmers to boost its fortunes.

He hired professional drivers and arranged for them to enter Chalmers cars in road races, endurance events and other sorts of contests and exhibitions.

Chalmers was no fool, however, so the following season he changed his promotion and decided to give a car to the MVP winner, not the batting champ.

1985 : An Illinois judge rules that state and city laws effectively banning night baseball at Chicago’s Wrigley Field are constitutional.

The Indians send All-Star center fielder Kenny Lofton and reliever Alan Embree to Atlanta in return for David Justice and Marquis Grissom.

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