The Walking Dead showrunner shares intel on that epic bloodbath

After getting bit, he brought the children to safety and then impaled himself on a piece of wood to end things before he could turn on his former friends.

After opening the cabin door to find it empty, Alpha turned around and had her throat slit by Negan, who later delivered the zombified head to Carol.

We spoke to showrunner Angela Kang to get all the inside scoop on the trio of big deaths, an answer as to Beta’s real identity, and what to expect next.

And so there are ways in which the respect that Alpha showed him for somebody who was trapped in a jail cell and picking tomatoes and wanting to be something more — there's something really seductive about that to somebody like Negan.

And I think in telling that story, we also knew from the beginning that this would be a limited arc for this character because in any kind of war there are casualties in many different arenas and being that person that's playing two sides, she was in a uniquely dangerous position.

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