The Walking Dead: 10 Things We Loved About Michonne's Final Episode

One of the most important parts of the episodes, and one that might be setting Michonne up for appearing in the upcoming movies, was when she found Rick's cowboy boots.

Not far from them, she found an old phone with an image of her and Carl etched on the front along with the name Rick and Asian lettering that reportedly translates to "believe a little bit longer."

Very maturely, and as we predicted , the young Judith insists that Michonne continue on a journey to find "the Brave Man" as she has come to know Rick.

We're reminded of how brazenly the group snuck into the Saviors camp in the middle of the night and cold-bloodedly killed defensive members in their sleep.

Even though Virgil had kept three of his friends in captivity, captured and drugged Michonne, lied to her about weapons, and set the boat on fire, she still decided to spare his life.

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