The story of how Shaq ended up on Netflix's 'Tiger King'

For many people, that distraction is Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness , a new mini-series on Netflix that has risen to become the platform’s most viewed show this week.

The show’s main character is Joe Exotic — an Oklahoma man who runs his own roadside zoo while shooting guns, rocking a mullet, navigating his marriage to two different men, recording his own country music songs and videos, producing a struggling reality show, and allegedly plotting to murder his long-time rival.

O’Neal’s knowledge and passion for exotic animals, particularly tigers, is fairly well known, but his appearance on the series feels even more surprising as the plot eventually dovetails into its most shocking elements.

In a podcast appearance earlier this week (around the four-minute mark), O’Neal talks about how he came to visit the zoo and says he stopped going once he found out about the legal trouble Exotic was in.

”Every time, he’s on this side of the world now traveling up I-35 or anywhere, he stops by and spends four or five hours here at the zoo playing with whatever animals we have,” said Joseph Maldonado.

As they gazed at a huge rhinoceros and a friend wondered if tigers ever attacked rhinoceroses, O’Neal offered a quick lesson.

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