The Craziest Moments From Netflix's New Docuseries 'Tiger King'

In the first few minutes, Goode narrates over footage he took of stumbling across a caged snow leopard in the back of a van in 100-degree heat, which sets him and Chaiklin on a five-year journey into the big cat world.

Like The Staircase , the mid-2000s true-crime series that Netflix bought the rights to and helped rework to include brand-new material, each of Tiger King's seven episodes gets increasingly more bizarre, turning what at first seems like a profile on a kooky big cat guy into deranged and depressing insight on many of the eccentrics who populate the shady world of exotic zoos in the United States.

Seriously: Joe Exotic has two husbands at one point, neither of who seem to actually be gay; Doc Antle has an entire harem of women; and Jeff Lowe is one of the grossest people I've ever heard talk about sex, bragging about his orgies and sexist conquests.

While he was presumed dead in 2002 after five years missing with few leads, his ex-wife and daughters (plus Carole-haters like Joe Exotic) are convinced she did the deed, and they condemn the authorities for never looking for DNA evidence on Big Cat Rescue's meat grinder.

Sure, it's possible Lewis set off to Costa Rica where he had business dealings and could open a tiger breeding facility with little-to-no regulatory oversight, but his disappearance remains unsolved (which is one of several instances that doesn't help paint Carole as the big cat savior she aims to be).

Saffery apparently led the tiger to believe she was a toy by sticking her arm in a hole she wasn't supposed to, but she and Exotic both just sort of shrugged their shoulders at the whole thing instead of, you know, calling into question the conditions of the park.

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