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Samurai Shodown Gets All Wet April 1st With Sogetsu Kazama

The return of Samurai Shodown with the latest title was much welcome for fans of the franchise and those with beloved memories of SNK’s once robust fighting game stable.

The game launched with a solid roster and got a full first season of characters, but we’re not done yet.

Originally introduced in Samurai Shodown 4 , Sogetsu Kazama has the powers of a water demon he was forced to slay.

He wields the power of water in a pretty incredible fashion, as you can see from the trailer below.

Don’t be too fooled by the calming music, Kazama can cut it up with the best of them, using his water-based powers for ranged attacks and teleporting.

A PC version will come later this year exclusively via the Epic Games Store.

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