Prime minister of Japan urges Tokyo Olympics cannot be held 'at this point in time'

Up to this point, the IOC has been firm on wanting to wait until late April before deciding whether the games should be cancelled, postponed or moved.

Details are murky at this time, but reports indicate that Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe told members of parliament : “If I’m asked whether we can hold the Olympics at this point in time, I would have to say that the world is not in such a condition.” The Japanese government has yet to take an official stance, though several nations have already taken action themselves, regardless of what Japan and the IOC decide.

Postponing the games involves much more than simply telling athletes to wait, which is likely why the IOC is taking its time.

Athletes have been preparing for years to be ready to compete in the summer of 2020, with potential postponement throwing off their training regimen.

In addition, there are issues with broadcasting rights, volunteer availability and the numerous disruptions to daily working life that come with the Olympics, and may be difficult to ameliorate following widespread shutdown of services and businesses due to the coronavirus.

This is a fluid time, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the 2020 Olympics will not happen as normal, regardless of the IOC’s ultimate decision.

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