PFA Set to Challenge Championship Clubs Over Star Player Wage Cut Requests

Football has been brought to a shuddering halt at all levels amid fears over the growing number of cases of the coronavirus, and with plenty of fixtures left to play, clubs are panicking over the problems which may subsequently arise in the near future.

Birmingham City have asked their players who earn more than £6,000 a week to accept a 50% reduction to their wages above that amount for the next four months, with the lost salary to be repaid in future instalments, according to ​the Daily Mail .

The Midlands club's aim is to maintain a healthy cash flow, knowing that they may be forced to do without the usual revenue that comes from gate receipts, sponsorship deals and television income.

Birmingham also fear that they may be forced to pay back the money they've been handed for TV rights for the season, leaving them in a precarious financial position.

But the PFA is not impressed with the Blues' actions, and they've advised players that they could sue them for loss of earnings, and the leave the club citing a breach of contract, which all teams will be desperate to avoid.

​Several clubs have mulled over the possibility of enforcing mandatory cuts to players' wages, but the majority are hoping to persuade their stars to accept these terms amicably.

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