Ozark Series 3 isn't really family viewing but, God, it's brilliant

Ozark’s third season launches today on Netflix — it first arrived in 2017 — and, without much fanfare, it has quietly become the greatest crime thriller on TV.

Ozark Series 3 isn’t really family viewing but, God, it’s brilliantIt is smart, exciting, violent, sexy and extremely dark.

Unfortunate events lead him to have to relocate his reluctant wife Wendy, and kids Charlotte and Jonah, to the resort of Ozark in order to begin a huge money-laundering operation to save their lives.

Ozark was chosen as a last-minute destination after he remembered having a flyer for it in his pocket — the first time we note that Marty’s decisions are not always based on a whole lot of thought.

As the mysterious and rich Byrdes arrive in town, containers full of cash in tow, the race is on for them to ingratiate themselves with the local community and embroil themselves in the residents’ lives.

Crime thriller Ozark’s third season launches today on NetflixCredit: AP:Associated Presspropensity for flashing the cash attracts local criminals — as well as the FBI, curious as to why they have left Chicago.

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