Nick Rolovich buys pizza for hospital staff

Despite that, Rolovich has already made his mark in Pullman, helping the tight-knit community heal in a time of crisis.

“I heard about the pizza deal and said ‘let’s see if some other people who are struggling, they’d get a little relief with the free pizza.’ Then it’s kind of carried on the last couple days.”

Not only did Rolo give some much deserved support to crucial first responders at Pullman Regional in the form of (in my opinion) some of the finest pizza and calzones you’ll find anywhere, he left a “few surprises” for his Twitter followers at Sella’s as well.

But despite the global crisis and the challenges that come along with it, Rolovich is thrilled to be in Pullman and to be a part of the Cougar community.

Rolovich also touched on the challenges around recruiting in the current climate and how he plans to adjust without spring football during his teleconference.

The audio on the call left a lot to be desired thanks to one delinquent who refused to mute their phone.

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