Mind-blowing image of alien 'Grand Canyon' on MARS captured by Nasa space probe

The stunning scene was captured from Martian orbit – and could one day be a prime spot for tourists visiting the red planet.

This is an artist's impression of the Mars Reconnaissance OrbiterCredit: NASA/JPL/Corby WasteScientists think those ridges might be inverted stream channels, created when a low-lying area becomes high-standing over time.

"The streambed material may become cemented by precipating minerals, contain larger rocks, or become filled with lava, all which are more resistant to erosion.

Scientists say layers are common in Martian canyons, but details of their exact formation remain a mystery.

The MRO previously captured this image of the Candor Chasma region of Valles MarinerisCredit: NASAHere's what you need to know about the red planet...

The image was snapped by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter – a $720million spacecraft built by Nasa and Lockheed Martin.

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