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'A Million Little Things' Season 2 Finale: Creator DJ Nash On Shocking Cliffhanger, New Mystery & Season 3 Odds

The ceremony’s location at the last minute is moved to the hospital after Rome and Regina get a call that Eve, the woman carrying the baby they are set to adopt, has gone into labor.

Gary makes it official with Darcy as his girlfriend and date to the vow renewal ceremony but he still cares for Maggie who finally tells him that she loves him and asks him to go with her to Oxford, but it’s too late.

He heeds the request for about two seconds before asking his sister where she had hidden the wet clothes he was wearing when she found him by the waterfront the night Alex drowned in the lake.

Convinced that he is somehow responsible for her death, Eddie heads to a bar and almost takes a sip before calling Katherine to tell her he is coming home to do the vow renewal after all.

So that decision and his ability to put that drink down, and to literally be heading home to take the vows to be that life partner, that’s where we wanted to show his success, and then, obviously we have him hit, which will threaten all of that.

I totally get that, and I feel the same way, and so, it’ll be, I want us to watch this challenge that’s put, this test, because, with her being a survivor of child sexual assault, and with Rome dealing with his depression and his suicide attempt, those issues brought them together.

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