Karl-Anthony Towns shares his mother is on life support from coronavirus

On Tuesday night, Karl-Anthony Towns shared a personal story about the coronavirus pandemic, and sent a message to the world: Stay at home.

Towns explained that his mother and father fell ill at the same time, and both sought medical treatment promptly.

While his father was able to be discharged and placed in quarantine at home, his mother’s condition never improved — before taking a sharp downward course.

Towns’ message comes at a time when doctors on the front line of fighting Covid-19, scientists and epidemiologists are imploring people in the United States to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Some politicians are arguing that the country needs to re-open soon in order to boost the economy, but it should be noted that a CDC-funded epidemiologist said Wednesday morning that the peak of the coronavirus won’t come for another three weeks in the United States.

Towns said his family will keep fighting, and he knows his mother is strong enough to prevail, but he wants everyone to hear his story and make good decisions moving forward.

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