Is Britney Spears the Fastest Sprinter in Human History? A Rolling Stone Investigation

If there is any pop star on the planet that deserves more respect on her name it’s the woman who gave us a solid 10-plus years of bangers while battling the rampant misogyny of the early-aughts music industry, but the world is up in arms after a claim Spears made Wednesday on Instagram.

For context, Spears even approaching a nine-second, 100-meter dash is scientifically unlikely at this time in human existence, let alone beating it by 3.61 seconds.

For what it’s worth, Spears has been partaking in a grueling training regime as well as studying the most famous speedster in the animal kingdom.

“The cheetah is a large cat from Africa,” Spears wrote on IG in early March.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear how Spears is measuring how fast she is, what conditions she’s running under, and the make-up of her sneakers and apparel, which all can impact that final time.

As a result of these variables, Rolling Stone cannot completely rule out Spears’s original claim.

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