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Ian Kinsler - Aliyah secured in bottom of the 9th

BASEBALL STAR poses with wife Tess in front of the Kotel after making aliyah earlier this month

Thus, despite being among the most readily identifiable Jewish big-leaguers (with fans delighting in stories of Kinsler wishing Kevin Youklis “Happy Passover” as he rounded first base), Kinsler’s file was prepared meticulously, with the dedicated help of Nefesh B’Nefesh’s highly professional staff, and handled with the same scrutiny afforded any other applicant for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.Kinsler received approval for his citizenship on late Thursday evening, March 6.

With the coronavirus scare spinning out of control, he and wife Tess arranged for their parents to watch the kids (in true Israeli fashion) and caught the next El Al flight to Tel Aviv.

They arrived Monday afternoon March 9, barely four hours before the deadline, that was announced at 8 p.m., that would have required them to be quarantined for two weeks.

A true commendation goes to the Population Bureau officials who, despite being justifiably nervous by the rapidly changing guidelines, performed their duties with the highest regard for everyone’s safety.After nearly a week of holding his breath, Kurz smoothly moved on to the next challenge.

He sees Kinsler as a shining example for others to follow, of a man truly committed to helping put Israel on the map in baseball.

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