Honda CT 125 Hunter Cub Details Revealed

It gets a 124 cc single-cylinder engine making 8 bhp and 11 Nm It will have some off-road capability as well Expected price could be 440,000 Yen or Rs.

But Honda has found a novel way of organising a digital, virtual motor show where it will display its motorcycles.

While the name may give you different ideas, the CT 125 Hunter Cub is actually a moped and will soon be launched in Japan.

(The CT 124 Hunter Cub gets a 124 cc engine making 8 bhp and 11 Nm)

The CT 125 Hunter Cub also gets electric start, a rear luggage rack along with a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 litres.

Honda says that the CT 125 Hunter Cub is a 'trekking bike' which means it will have some sort of off-road capability.

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