Here's How Much You Will Get From The Coronavirus Stimulus Package

As DJs and artists take to Instagram Live to host concerts, others aim to use the power of the literary world to re-instill hope.

However, to avoid lawsuits from authors for reading their work on a platform other than his podcast, Burton has returned to the drawing table.

In order to avoid legal complications, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole searching through volumes of short stories in the public domain for appropriate content for families and have come up empty.

VICE notes Burton can stay clear of legal accountability by reading public-domain books, those passages that are free for the public's consumption.

It encouraged visiting your local library, finding joy in reading, and exercising your imagination in the form of stories.

In 2016, Burton launched a Kickstarter to fund a new version of the show that would also live on mobile platforms as well as within schools through various learning tools.

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