Flashback: 'NSync Sing About the Joys of Cybersex on 'Digital Get Down'

Tucked away in the middle of the album, just after milquetoast Richard Marx ballad “This I Promise You” and the defiant — if slightly generic — title track, the slick and skittering “Digital Get Down” was like an eruption of hormones and harmonies all at once, with three and a half minutes of big beats and grown-up innuendo.

Co-written by the group’s JC Chasez , the futuristic, synth-driven track was a marked departure for the boy band, while its suggestive lyrics whipped critics and fans into a frenzy.

Critics immediately singled out the song for its “risqué lyrics,” with a TV Guide reviewer writing , “Do they think the braces brigade in ‘NSync’s audience will recognize the R-rated oomph?”

The guys never elaborated on “Digital Get Down” in interviews promoting the album ( Justin Timberlake was asked about it once and admitted that “[the lyrics] could be construed that way,” before changing the subject), but it was clear that this was no regular love song.

Can we get connected?I need some love and affection babyI’ll call you on the phoneI hope that I get throughIf you’re in the mood and I’m not homeHere’s what you do: leave a messageYou know the kind I like

But for all the ‘NSync trends best left in the 2000s — frosted tips, overly distressed denim, bad puns — finding new ways to connect with those you love is something we can thank the guys for.

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