Enterprise SSD flaw bricks drives and renders data unrecoverable after 40000 hours

PSA: If you run any Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers or storage solutions, you'd be wise to update its firmware before October.

If you use enterprise SSDs from other OEMs, you might want to be sure your firmware is current with them as well, since the flaw is not unique to HPE products.

The company predicts that SAS SSDs that have not been updated should start experiencing failure no earlier than October 2020.

Hewlett Packard says it was notified of the flaw by an unnamed SSD manufacturer, which some have speculated is SanDisk.

In January, HPE issued a similar warning for SAS SSDs that would fail after 32,768 hours.

Administrators should update firmware immediately and contact HPE support if they run into any issues.

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