Minnesota Twins

Delay of game: Virus precautions push back Twins' Opening Day to — when?

In New York, the Nationals were to begin defense of their World Series championship against the Mets, but that city is now the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis that has ground modern life to a halt.

And in Oakland, Jose Berrios was to take the mound for one of the most confident and optimistic Twins teams in years, eager to follow up on its 101-win breakthrough.

The good times are delayed this year, however, deferred until the pandemic passes and everyone’s safety in public places such as ballparks can be assured.

It’s going to be sunny and breezy at Oakland Coliseum on Thursday, around 60 degrees when fans should have been filing in, and ballplayers would have been lining up for introductions.

To Dick Bremer, who has broadcast Twins games since 1983, the 2002 opener in Kansas City, after a winter of fearing the team was about to be contracted out of existence, sticks out as a particularly joyous memory.

And it was made even more special when Jacque Jones hit the second pitch of the season into the [Kaufmann Stadium] fountains in left-center field.”

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