'Top Chef' recap: The 14 remaining All-Star chefs try to live up to 'The Jonathan Gold Standard'

Nini Nguyen shares the news that she is in “a dad mobile going to downtown L.A.” She tells her front-seat companions Brian Malarkey and Jamie Lynch that there is “precious cargo back here.” The guys say, “Baby on Board.” This Millennial who is the youngest chef has some sass to her and, as she notes, a few tricks up her sleeve.

She adds, “The whole neighborhood smells like chilies and hot sauce.” “Top Chef” made her realize she is proud to be Chinese and that “I should show that through my cooking.” They head to Chendu Taste.

10:35 p.m. Kevin is doing a dish inspired by duck en croute pate – a fried terrine that involves cooking lots of cuts of meat and blending them with vegetables.

Favreau declares it “really good.” Lee Anne has made an “end of summer” hayashi with black plums, tomato-seaweed gelee, mozzarella and king crab vinaigrette.

10:57 p.m. Padma says the person whose dish suffered the most was Stephanie’s, saying, “The naan was tasteless” and Tom agrees: “It was kind of dry and had very little personality.” “If she had a nice chutney in there, it could have been good,” Gail adds.

“It’s funny we talk about the lamb, but I had completely forgotten about it.” Ruth delivers the final verbal coup de grâce: “I feel like the three bottom chefs actually forgot that food is supposed to be delicious.” Ouch.

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