Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Reveals She's'Excited' That 'The MaskedSinger' Has Shown The WorldShe Can Sing Live

The Masked Singer shocked everyone when Bella Thorne was revealed as the Swan during the March 18 episode.

Bella was hidden underneath a fabulous swan costume, complete with a long neck.

That was a little hard because then it would shift itself and I didn’t want to be moving my head too much because a swan wouldn’t be touching up her neck, so then I was all character confused as well.

During her run on The Masked Singer , Bella admitted that performing live hasn’t been easy and her nerves have gotten the best of her.

Every time I’m on stage and I’m singing live stuff, I’m just so nervous that I don’t get to enjoy myself because I’m thinking so much.

I really wanted to show girls and whatnot that you don’t have to have the super-light pop-y voice like all the singers you hear on the radio.

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