After 14-win season, Ravens address biggest weakness by stocking up at DL

For a season in which so much went right — starting with Lamar Jackson’s ascension to NFL MVP — it was quite something how glaring the Baltimore Ravens’ biggest weakness was.

That came to a head in the Ravens’ divisional round loss to the Titans, when the team’s only sack came from safety Earl Thomas while Derrick Henry hammered them up the middle .

If the Ravens can figure out a way to keep his $16.3 million under the tag on the books, the pressure up front could improve a defense that already ranked fourth in the league by DVOA last year .

Even if Brockers is the Ravens’ lone notable addition in free agency, that doesn’t mean the team is done improving this offseason.

One NBA star also has another idea on how to improve the team, and it involved a certain disgruntled Minnesota Vikings wide receiver who grew in Maryland.

If the reigning MVP maintains his level of play, he will be in line for a monster contract quite soon, and that means the team will be capable of far fewer splashy moves.

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