You Need To Play Borderlands 3's Broken Hearts Day Event For One Reason Only

GearboxIt’s true that these days when I’m writing about Borderlands 3, that I’m offering…constructive criticism a lot of the time, which some interpret as me “bashing the game” constantly.

And I laughed when I popped one heart and two Bloody Harvest loot ghosts shot out of it (and they dropped Fearmongers, too!

GearboxYou need to pop 100 hearts to get it, which probably took me about 90 minutes to 2 hours of normal open world play (you can probably do it faster in a Slaughterhouse).

With Mayhem 4 being the mode that givens enemies like 1000% more health, that’s pretty significant, and few other weapons can do that.

The “special” perk appears to be that the gun is fire, but the ricochets are cryo, meanings that all other targets hit by your crits will be slowed, and I’ve even frozen a few.

The point being, this event is worth sinking two hours into to make sure you get at least one copy of this thing, but I hope it makes its way into the general loot pool at some point so I can farm an Anointed version without having to reload and erase saves to re-claim it (the only way you can get more than one per character now, I think).

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