Would you go to the moon?

Only 43 percent of those surveyed in a recent poll conducted by the British firm YouGov said they were interested in personally going to the moon.

If part of your reason to go to the moon is to look at the earth and “feel small,” it seems like you don’t actually mind the existential horror of space?

I’ve got too much going on at home, I wouldn’t be able to bring my dog, and I think I’d feel like Elton John in “Rocket Man” (cold, lonely, and missing my wife).

More than the deep vacuum of space, I think that the scariest thing about the moon would be the asshole clientele that “hot, must-see tourist destinations” attract.

Tulum has become an ecological disaster because a bunch of Austrailians with dreadlocks wanna cosplay as shamans and take selfies on the beach.

Unless you get the invite to Elon Musk’s space-base moon colony compound to do drugs and engage in Illumanati sex rituals, the whole experience sounds bland.

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