Houston Rockets

Today's Top Picks: Jazz will drag the Nets down to Earth, Bucks will pick up where they left off vs. Knicks

Teams have more or less settled into what they are, inoculating you against the scourge of unfulfilled preseason expectations that plagues early-season handicapping, but the trade deadline hasn't yet reconfigured the landscape enough to render all of that sweet early-season data useless.

March and April create their own complications thanks to tanking, and the postseason is a separate beast altogether.

So let's enjoy what should be a fairly reliable slate of NBA games and dive into today's top picks.

The 22-point margin of victory the Nets posted Sunday against the Hawks belies the truth of the struggles they are likely to face for the next several weeks.

While there was a variety of factors that led to that, fitting him back in with Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert is going to be difficult.

Yes, schedule is a factor there, but thrashing the Clippers in Los Angeles and beating the Thunder in Oklahoma City are both extremely impressive wins.

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