This Is Us to Return on Tuesday With New Drama

The last episode revealed that at some point in the future, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) stop speaking.

Cast members Brown, Moore and Chris Sullivan were on a Television Critics Association panel recently to discuss where the show is headed.

Brown said Randall continues to struggle with anxiety issues that lead to the conflicts hinted at in the fall finale.

Also in the fall finale, Randall and Beth Watson's adopted daughter, Deja (Lyric Ross), invited her mother to Christmas dinner.

It continues to introduce new threads, like Kate and Toby's grown-up son, Rebecca's deteriorating health and a forthcoming feud between Randall and Kevin.

"When we're able to just kind of sit inside of ourselves and also find propulsive ways to keep the audience excited and invested, that's when we're hitting our sweet spot, I think."

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