This Is Us: Is Alexandra Breckenridge Returning as Kevin's Ex-Wife Sophie?

Could it be that call at the end of this week’s This Is Us was a stealth casting announcement and not just a nod to Kevin’s romantic past?

She last appeared on the show in Season 3 when Kevin attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting near her home in Brooklyn and wound up taking her for coffee .

During their chat, he learned she was engaged to a Billy Joel-loving Long Island native named Grant.

After Kev spilled all about his relationship troubles with then-girlfriend Zoe, who didn’t want kids, Sophie lovingly but bluntly urged her former husband to “Decide what you want.

A potential Breckenridge return would dovetail nicely with one of the series’ evolving mysteries: Who is the as-yet-unseen woman Kevin referred to as his pregnant fiancée during a flash-forward in Season 4’s fall finale ?

Thursday’s episode also introduced another contender for the position: Sophia Bush’s Lizzie, whom Kev met in a coffee shop and romanced with a private John Legend concert before she confessed that she was married and he was her celebrity “hall pass.” And then of course there’s always Cassidy, the recovering alcoholic military vet (played by Jennifer Morrison) with whom Kevin bonded during his time in Pennsylvania.

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