The iHeart Transformation Continues

In addition to restructuring divisions and management responsibilities (see next story), it certainly appears the company will also be relying more on automation and syndicated talent.

The industry was certainly buzzing Tuesday trying to come with the actual number of on-air jobs that will be lost as a result of iHeart’s latest announcement.

Social Media posts from all over the country made it clear many markets were affected and most of the jobs lost are coming from the programming side.

The iHeart editorial team is also revamping the company’s websites which, many noticed, had local talent no longer listed on the sites.

As radio turns 100 years old in 2020, it is far from what it once was when the airwaves were filled with local voices and artists tried to sneak into the studio to get their record played.

Radio has to compete for ad dollars with technology behemoths Facebook and Google which means they have to also claw their way into the programmatic buying game.

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