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Snapchat's newest feature uses deepfake technology to have fun

Snapchat has decided to integrate deepfake technology into its app, but instead of framing people for blackmail purposes like most other deepfake technology, Snapchat wants people to have fun.

This integration of deepfake technology has come under the guise of Snapchat Cameo's, which are AI-generated videos that require a simple selfie to be enabled.

Snapchat will use its AI tech to add your face to over 150 videos that can be sent to your friends for a myriad of reasons.

Unlike the commonly controversial deepfake technology, Snapchat nips that problem in its bud by only allowing users to send deepfaked faces on videos that they have selected.

Capture your selfie and select whether you want to start in Cameos with your friends.

Select a video to save it to your smartphone or share with a friend.

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