NBA Draft: LeMelo Ball's Season Over in Australia; Can He Be No. 1 Pick?

LaMelo Ball’s adventure Down Under is coming to an end because of a foot injury and despite some highlight moments from his season with the Illawarra Hawks, NBA teams are left with as many questions as answers about where Ball stands as a prospect in the NBA and how to evaluate players who forgo college to participate in Australia’s NBL.

That’s a concern for scouts who counted LaMelo’s shooting as a big advantage over his brother, Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball.

But they have had NBA talent there, Josh Boone, they had Aaron Brooks, David Andersen is older now but he is part of that team.

But that’s part of the tricky business of being a prospect playing overseas in a professional league like the NBL.

The rest of the roster is likely to be made up of veterans who are trying to win games and earn a living—they’re not there to help a teenager improve his draft stock.

It’s likely that Memphis’ James Wiseman, who has left the team , and Georgia’s Anthony Edwards will be among the Top 3 players chosen.

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