Lessons About Metal Additive Manufacturing from a Hands-on Class

Integrating metal additive manufacturing (AM) into an existing metalworking business requires new equipment, skill sets and workflows.

Part of the AM capabilities located at the University of Louisville, the AMIST functions as R&D lab, 3D printing service provider and, most importantly, a training center for students and professionals.

In the fall of 2019, I sat in on a portion of this class , a five-day course targeted toward future machine operators as well as managers and other professionals who need to understand metal AM.

There would be no way to cover every aspect of metal AM in so short a time, but the class goes a long way toward exposing attendees to its capabilities, requirements and dangers.

Metal 3D printers can produce parts as dense as castings or better, but that likely means slowing the print speed with better surface finish as a result.

When Precision Metal Products purchased its first 3D printer last year, the company hoped to collapse both tooling costs and lead times.

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