Fantasy game maker is taking on a big rival: Amazon

In fact, Amazon may not be the fearsome giant in this fight, given the company’s spotty track record in game development.

“I’m skeptical that Amazon is going to do anything right,” said Michael Pachter, a gaming analyst at Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles.

Wanda Meloni, chief executive of the research firm M2 Insights, figures it’s not Standing Stone that needs to prove itself.

Still, it’s Amazon, a global giant with more money than Sauron, against Standing Stone, a low-profile independent game developer that can’t call for help from a rich corporate parent.

Like most other MMO operators, Standing Stone won’t reveal how many people have signed up to play its game, but Ciccolini said that on a typical day they see about 10,000 players logged in at the same time.

That social aspect may make it difficult for some faithful players to leave their friends behind and switch from LOTRO to the Amazon game.

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