Death of Aaron Hernandez's Father Dennis Hernandez

Whether that helped drive Aaron Hernandez’s tragic life trajectory from NFL star to convicted murderer is a plausible partial explanation.

He committed suicide by hanging in a Massachusetts prison cell in 2017, where he was serving time for the murder of his fiancee’s sister’s boyfriend, Odin Lloyd.

According to USA Today , Aaron was 16 years old when Dennis Hernandez died at age 49 in 2006 after a routine hernia surgery.

“The last hours of the father’s life are a blur to the son: infection, intensive care, tubes coming out of Dennis’s body, doctors yelling ‘Clear!’ as they employ the shock paddles, blood dripping from the patient’s nose, Terri and the boys resting their heads on Dennis’s chest, crying, their tears welling up around his cross pendant,” Sports Illustrated wrote.

Dennis was employed at Bristol Eastern High School and took great pleasure in watching his sons play sports and attending their games.”

“We call him Chico,” then offensive guard Mike Pouncey, told USA Today, which said that Hernandez’s paternal grandparents were from Puerto Rico.

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