BRUTAL: Bryson DeChambeau Pokes Fun At Brooks Koepka's Body

After losing a match to a 15-year old this past week, Koepka took another blow, this time coming from Bryson DeChambeau.

For those who are unfamiliar with Twitch, it’s basically a social media site where people share videos of themselves doing different tasks with commentary.

DeChambeau has recently started a Twitch where he plays video games and answers fans’ golf questions; Brooks Koepka being a pretty frequent topic.

But like I said, DeChambeau isn’t shy and Koepka has fired back at Bryson in the past for his slow play so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brooks respond to the body slander at some point.

Until then, DeChambeau is going to have to put those abs and new muscles to work on the PGA TOUR this year to back up the talk.

If he continues to develop like he did last season, perhaps he’ll join Brooks with a major win and have more room to lay down the smack talk in the future.

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