Amid several issues, Suns have a serious 3-point shooting problem

The Suns average 300.6 passes per game, a top 10 mark and the exact spot Williams wanted them to land in terms of a concrete number.

“They are proven winners and provide depth to our roster,” Jones said back in July on the additions of Aron Baynes, Dario Saric, Ty Jerome and Cam Johnson.

If Kaminsky (40.3%) can’t stay on the court because he couldn’t finish over your local community college’s starting center and his defensive struggles, plus Cam Johnson (38.6%) not playing over 20 minutes in 10 of his last 13 games, that leaves just Booker.

And when no one from the average group takes a huge step forward beyond Okobo (39.0%), you’ve only got Booker as your good shooter constantly in the rotation shooting on decent volume.

That’s over a third of the season we have as a sample size telling us Phoenix is one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the league, which is precisely what the head coach’s offensive system prioritizes setting up, as it should in today’s game.

In the long term, it’s a great example of how much putting out all the fires Ryan McDonough left burning is still costing this franchise, as a fine job by Jones of team-building still was not good enough and he will have to try again this summer finding the right mix of those aforementioned desired traits.

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