Where Does YouTube's Content Come From? A Pew Study Finds Just A Few Channels Supply Most Videos

It found 73% of U.S. adults – and 90% of 18- to 24 year olds – use YouTube, making it the most-used social media platform.

The site, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet and makes most of its money by splitting ad revenue with content suppliers, has come under increasing scrutiny for the proliferation of white supremacist propaganda and channels peddling conspiracy theories, and recently agreed to pay a $170 million fine for targeting children with ads.

In a recent interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said She tries to police the platform but the company’s commitment to free speech sometimes makes it difficult to know where to draw the line on what is considered harmful.

The Pew survey found the biggest YouTube channels generated 48,486 hours of content in the first week of January, receiving more than 14.2 billion individual views.

More than half of the most popular YouTube channels uploaded at least one video in the first week of 2019, only a third of which were in English.

About two-thirds of adults said they have run across false content on the platform, and 60% said they have seen videos of people engaging in dangerous or troubling behavior.

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