Oil and Gas UK Calls for Urgent Action on Carbon Capture and Storage

The leading representative body for the UK’s oil and gas sector is calling for urgent, joint action by government and industry to rapidly scale up low-carbon technologies—particularly those for carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS), and hydrogen development—that are critical to achieving the UK and Scottish governments’ 2050 net-zero emissions timeline.

The report also calls for joint action to increase the potential for low-carbon hydrogen to be used as a fuel to heat homes and power cars.

The report outlines progress achieved by the UK’s oil and gas sector over the past year to provide emissions-reducing solutions.

Commenting in the report, OGUK Chief Executive Deirdre Michie said, “The passing of legislation by the UK and Scottish governments to set legally binding targets for net-zero carbon emissions is an enormous milestone for energy policy.

Yet the oil and gas sector will have to earn its position in this new energy world, cutting its own emissions and working with governments and regulators to move the five CCUS projects into the next phase.”

“The Climate Change Committee report published at the beginning of this year concluded that an energy transition to net zero in the UK by 2050 is achievable but challenging.

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