New Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND Trailer To Release In December; Fast Pass And Black Code Features Revealed

Listeners who went to the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert in Japan have reported that it was announced that a new trailer for the Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC will be released sometime in December.

One of the things shown off at the event were some examples of the new Photo Mode feature that will be added to the game.

Some of the examples shown include Sora being surrounded by Seven Flan, Ventus chasing after Vanitas (who had stolen sea salt ice cream) in the Land of Departure, and a recreation of Xion vs Axel in front of the Old Mansion in Twilight Town.

Meanwhile, two other new features are the Fast Pass and Black Code options that let players alter the difficulty of the playthrough.

Meanwhile Black Code lets you alter the game to be more difficult by voluntarily adding restrictions, such as not being able to use Cure, not being able to use items, constantly losing health.

Check out director Nomura’s Letter regarding a mysterious third storyline in our previous report here .

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