Jennifer Aniston Hosted A Very Unconventional Friendsgiving

When Jimmy Kimmel isn't in the middle of a prank war with John Krasinski , he's bickering about Thanksgiving with Jennifer Aniston.

for hosting her annual Friendsgiving the day before his Thanksgiving celebration, which basically meant he ended up eating the same exact meal twice.

This is a tremendous victory for me and for every American who believes turkey belongs on Thursdays," he commented on the post, adding, " #noturkeyforFriendsgiving ."

Despite Aniston's reluctance, Kimmel told host Ellen DeGeneres that the enchiladas were actually a huge hit.

Perhaps Aniston's frustration comes not from the ask itself, but from the fact that she's forever associated with nontraditional Thanksgiving food thanks to her role as Rachel on Friends .

In one of the series' many Thanksgiving episodes , Rachel misreads a recipe and ends up making a trifle of berries, beef, and cream.

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