Camila Morrone Addresses the 23-Year Age Gap With Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone is getting serious acclaim for her breakout role in the independent film Mickey and the Bear —her performance has even led people to compare her to Jennifer Lawrence .

It has also helped shift Hollywood’s gross reduction of her as simply “ Leonardo DiCaprio ’s girlfriend,” although there’s been new attention applied to their relationship, specifically their 23-year age difference.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times this week, Morrone made it clear she’s not too concerned about the gap or what people think of it.

Getty ImagesMorrone is right that there are tons of relationships with large age gaps in Hollywood, but consistently it seems to be men dating much younger women.

This is so prevalent that the internet was surprised when actor Keanu Reeves stepped onto the red carpet with a woman closer to his age (she’s eight years younger).

Camila Morrone didn’t go into other details about dating DiCaprio, focusing instead on how Mickey and the Bear has opened up new opportunities for her and established who she is outside of her boyfriend.

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