10 Reasons The World Needs A New Dungeons & Dragons Movie

We have countless on-screen battle sequences between friend and foe but what a Dungeons & Dragons movie could do is provide a studio with the potential to explore depth and scale in a war environment unlike anything else seen before.

From its Illithis inspired mind flayers to the whole story being a D&D campaign in and of itself making Stranger Things a perfect example of the potential for a new Dungeons & Dragons movie has without limiting itself to a specific audience.

For years video game movies have been a failure and countless studios have tried to crack the code and produce something half decent that can draw the attention of one of the largest and most vocal communities in the world... gamers.

Dungeons & Dragons is no longer just a game for the stereotypical nerd and with the likes of Vin Diesel , Deborah Ann Woll and Joe Manganiello flying the flag for the TTRPG it is safe to say that these Hollywood juggernauts have paved the way for an onslaught of other famous individuals who openly enjoy the bottomless bag of holding that is D&D.

As more household names don their capes and crowns there is always a possibility that if the opportunity should arise we may see a few of them getting involved in the next cinematic venture and having anyone on board who understands the source material, let alone writes and performs their own creations on a weekly basis is a bonus for any production.

Unlike the over saturated western or superhero genres, the endless creative possibilities of D&D in conjunction with the success of franchises like The Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones means it may be time for an exploration of a medieval based fantasy world on the big screen.

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