Woman's fart gender reveal video is slammed

The tweet has been watched 11 million times and while it’s been confirmed it was a prank, people who thought it was true had very conflicting views about it.

Yesterday, the comedian wrote: “All future gender reveals are cancelled”, perhaps a sign of her opinion on the popular trend.

The baby powder - or coloured chalk - lingers in the air for a couple of seconds while her friends jump up and down in surprise.

The rise of viral gender reveal videos comes as the mum who originally invented the craze admits she has changed her stance on the trend.

“I've felt a lot of mixed feelings about my random contribution to the culture,” Jenna Karvunidis revealed in a heartfelt Facebook post.

I did at the time because we didn't live in 2019 and didn't know what we know now - that assigning focus on gender at birth leaves out so much of their potential and talents that have nothing to do with what's between their legs.”

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