This snow crab sets new world record, fetches whopping $46000 at auction

The auction house made a statement that there were no takers because of a Beethoven scholar's claim that the manuscript was not authentic.

The 72-page untitled manuscript was written in 1912, seven years after Einstein's special theory was first published.

Kilby won the Nobel Prize for the creation of the microchip and his other contributions to the computing era.

One of Cook's wai st coat s passed through a few hands, including Australian pianist Ruby Rich who altered it to suit a woman's body.

Photo: Aalders Auctions Father Jamie McLeod had bought an artwork from a small antique shop in Cheshire for £400.

In 2014, Christie's set an estimate of 400,000-500,000 pounds for the painting titled 'Head Study of a Man in a Ruff', which failed to sell.

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