The Morning After: Consumer Reports recommends the Model 3 again

New models are popping up all the time, with refined designs, new features, improved battery life and other advancements.

That's because a forum poster dug up an informational page on Ford's website that revealed trim levels, pricing, pictures and some specs for the SUV.

These shots clearly show the two-door crossover in red , which is one of three exterior color options available for its limited edition model.

While its Mustang inspiration seems mostly limited to the headlights and taillights, it's at least fairly sleek and imbued with the kind of performance angle Ford is clearly pursuing.

According to Deadline , series-owner Paramount has signed a one-time licensing deal with Netflix that will allow the company to produce a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie , which will stream exclusively on its service.

Both Eddie Murphy and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are on board to help with the project, and if all goes according to plan, the contract includes an option for Netflix to create a fifth movie.

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