Houston Rockets

The Blazers have an enviable team culture, but now here comes Melo

On Thursday night, the favorite parlor game of every NBA talking head came to its merciful end when ESPN reported that the Blazers were signing Carmelo Anthony .

The Knicks’ RJ Barrett is shredding teams in the pick-and-roll, including the Chicago Bulls , who were saved by the fact that Coby White nailed seven triples in the fourth quarter Tuesday night.

“Some guys probably think it’s hard to play with me,” he told Hart, in the season opener of the comedian’s show, “Cold As Balls.” Being traded from the Houston Rockets to the Oklahoma City Thunder this summer felt like a “stab in the back”, but Paul was more introspective than the headline, delivering a measured soliloquy on not taking things personally within the cold-hearted reality of the NBA.

The Thunder are likely just a pit spot for Paul, a ringless All-Star at the top of every trade rumor, but he might have found his calling as a grumpy old-head, running two-minute drills at the end of games and recognizing every two-for-one opportunity.

The Thunder are frenetic and long, an emergent League Pass team with the length and athleticism to drive and run a ton, but they are constantly teetering on the edge of chaos.

Forget the fact that he is averaging a career-high 16.2 points per game and shooting an absurd 50 percent from three while soaking up the minutes of Deandre Ayton , who is serving a suspension for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy.

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