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Save $100 on Apple Watch 4 at Best Buy with this advance Black Friday deal

Apple Watch 4 LTE 40mm- $449 $349 at Best Buy Pick up an Apple Watch 4 with LTE connectivity for $100 off with this early Black Friday deal.

In the lead up to Black Friday 2019, there are plenty of early Black Friday Best Buy deals on leading and slightly aged but still solid products.

The Apple Watch 4 falls in that category: while it’s been surpassed by the Apple Watch 5 , the latter had so few improvements that you won’t miss much by picking up the former.

Specifically, you won’t get the Watch 5’s always-on display (helpful when glancing at the time), a doubled size to 32GB of onboard storage, and more accurate location services that enables Maps to show the direction you’re facing.

But the Apple Watch 4 still has the ECG sensor, larger screen and S4 chipset that set it apart from - and a generation ahead of - its predecessor.

If you’re on the hunt for a smartwatch that can operate on its own, the Apple Watch 4 LTE can satisfy that need.

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