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Razr to Galaxy Fold: The wows and woes of 2019's foldables

Juan Garzon/CNET The Container Yard stands in downtown LA, with graffiti and murals adorning the warehouse's red brick walls.

On Wednesday, hundreds of reporters, influencers and even the DJ Diplo descended on this once-neglected part of Los Angeles to see the gadget du jour: Motorola's first foldable, the Razr .

"We learned from the feedback we received, and not only applied those lessons to the Galaxy Fold's design, but also took the time to rethink the entire consumer experience from purchase to unboxing and post-purchase service."

On the Fold, you can start using an app like Flipboard on the small front screen and then pick up where you left off when you open the device to the tablet side.

As CNET's Jessica Dolcourt noted, the Razr snaps shut, something Samsung's Fold, with its big gap around the hinge in the middle of the display, can't do.

"We looked at the ways this could fail and would account for it," Tom Gitzinger, director and principle engineer of innovation and architecture for Motorola, told CNET.

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