PlayStation CEO wants PlayStation 4 owners to upgrade to the PS5 as fast as possible

The PlayStation 5 might be more affordable than we first thought, a Sony exec teased during a conference call recently, although the company has not mentioned actual price points for the next-gen console.

But PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spokes extensively about Sony’s strategy for the next console and implied that upgrading to the PS5 come next holiday season should be a no-brainer.

In an interview with Games Industry , Ryan explained that Sony is preparing for a major launch next year, and the company wants to transition its PS4 customers to the next version as soon and as fast as possible.

Ryan might not have answered all these questions just yet, but reading between the lines it sure sounds like the company has a massive PS5 launch in mind — emphasis ours:

In addition to supply, the PS5 also needs to be affordable for Sony to pull off that “scale and pace,” otherwise gamers would likely stick with the older model they already own until the price drops.

Ryan’s comment doesn’t specifically address the backward compatibility matter, one that’s yet to be fully explained by Sony.

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