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New Super Lucky's Tale Review — Fleet Foxes

Even just two and a half years into the system’s life cycle, the Switch is already filled to the brim with quality platformers like the exceptional Super Mario Odyssey , along with plenty of familiar faces like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

Going up against such iconic characters that defined a genre would surely be a challenge for any other platformers out there, and in the case of New Super Lucky’s Tale , it tries in earnest to stand alongside them, even when it falls short of its ambitions.

However, the Book of Ages is also being sought out by a mischievous cat named Jinx and her squad (the Kitty Litter), requiring Lucky to summon the help of his sister Lyra and an assortment of other colorful characters to find it in time, along with searching for his own inner courage to help save the day.

Despite not having the 4K enhancements of its previous release on Xbox One X , New Super Lucky’s Tale still manages to shine pretty impressively on the Nintendo Switch thanks to its colorful visuals and great character designs.

Though the game now features a fully-rotating camera and other improvements, there were still plenty of moments while playing as Lucky that I had trouble adequately judging jumps that I could or couldn’t make in certain areas, combined with some occasional frame stutters in busier scenes.

Though the game’s bite-sized levels and colorful visuals make it ideal to play while on-the-go on the Switch (where I spent the most time with it), New Super Lucky’s Tale is better suited to a younger audience than those looking for more challenging endeavors.

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